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About Us

KiaRa International was established in 2012 in response to a growing need from many corporates to manage and measure the procurement processes and spends. Many of our clients who are in Africa predominantly struggled to import goods and services in their host nation as a result of many factors, ranging from lack of capital and inadequate logistics expertise.

Our Services

Trade Facilitation

Trade Facilitation

Our key involvement in Trade Facilitation is mainly

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting

A confidential facility, where Kiara International settles

Procurement Specialists

Procurement Specialists

As a Procurement Specialist, our objective is to transform

Bulk Airtime Whole Sales

Bulk Airtime Whole Sales

With our current financial position we are able to

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, KiaRa International is committed to proactively promoting responsible social, environmental and business practices within our operations and supply chain. Our CSR Policy: KiaRa International is committed to fostering and maintaining equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity

Zimbabwe procurement services

Our Team

Offering best quality and reasonably priced corporate services is only possible when you get that done by us.

Grow your Business With Us

Everyone wants business expansion but, only a lesser number of people know the real strategies. Here, at Kiara International, we can help you with the key strategies and customized solutions for your needs. With the help of our trained and skilled professionals, you can expect the desired results.

Our Company

Join Our Company

KiaRa International has over 110 staff with local understanding and functional expertise, most of our KiaRa people are based on site at our client premises. We have highly trained procument Specialists who are skilled and equipped to proactively deliver against client needs. All of our teams are supported by local and regional head office specialists to ensure that clients and suppliers alike are well managed.

Our Clients